Homemade Lip Color!


I know that I have a MAJOR problem with buying lipstick shades at the drugstore, only to get home and find out that they just don’t work for me. Such is life! Here is a cute and fun little tutorial by The Beauty Department again! They always have the most practical DIY’s! Gather up some old lipsticks and a few supplies: a small spatula or kitchen butter knife, a stovetop or flame of some type, a spoon, a mini plastic jar and of course, your lipcolor!

Next, all you have to do is take a few chunks off of an unwanted lipstick (or even wanted), and combine fun colors in your spoon that you think work together. Next, carefully put the spoon about 5 inches above the flame. The lip color will start melting within about 10 seconds, so keep an eye on it! Once it is in liquid form, mix it with your small spatula or butter knife. Then, carefully pour your lip color into the small jar (find these at craft or beauty supply stores!) WAH*LA! you have a fabulous color customized just for you!



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