Confederate Flag Prom Dress – Hot or NOT?


There has been much controversy surrounding Tennessee high schooler Texanna Edwards this year, all because of a prom dress. That’s right! A prom dress. What could possibly spark so much media frenzy? Well, the prom dress featured a stylized confederate flag. Meaning no harm or racial intent, she was quoted as saying,

It was done just for the sole fact that I just wanted a rebel flag dress because I thought it was cool.

She is now suing her high school.

The principal told her she could change and enter the dance, or she would be turned away for fear that her custom dress would start “issues” or offend her classmates at the dance. While her fellow classmates have been quoted as saying they were not bothered by the dress and that the principal overreacted, the national media attention has grown and many different people are standing out and having things to say. What is your opinion on wearing or displaying the confederate flag? Sound off in our comments below.

One Response to “Confederate Flag Prom Dress – Hot or NOT?”

  1. Julieanna Maria-Manning Keefer May 1, 2012 at 6:01 pm #

    Symbols can have dual purposes. The rebel flag at one time stood for the southern states (that did include slavery) but, over time, it has simply come to represent pride in a Southern lifestyle. Some may still use it inappropriately, but that shouldnt ruin style or personal choice in dresses! Especially since the other students didnt care & she isnt known to support the negative association with the flag.

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