‘Tis the Season for SEQUINS!


What’s NOT to love about a gorgeous little sequined dress?! Perfect for a Christmas party or New Years Eve party! We are really diggin’ them and thanks to Karlie, we have already got our eye on some we think you should definitely have in your closet…right. now!

As you can clearly see, this little dress above is perfect for a holiday party. The fit is absolutely perfect in the way that is shows off the figure, but is still super classy. Three quarter length sleeves and scoop back will have you dancing around in confidence for sure. And let’s not forget the OBVIOUS reason we have brought this dress to your attention…the sequins! They’re not your typical silver or gold, instead they are a gorgeous chocolate brown!

The Karlie dress shown above is a ridiculously chic little black dress with a sequined surprise on the sleeves! Jersey material helps this dress fit to the figure and look nothing less than incredible!

More sequins? Oh honey, yes! The Karlie dress above has a gorgeous flowy ivory top and a mini skirt that is covered in fabulous bronze sequins. This is great for a cocktail party or if you are attending a Christmas party for work!

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  1. Jennisita Torres Morales July 17, 2014 at 3:26 am #

    if i buy something in Allentow PA , in the US how long do you think it will be delivered? please someone aswer me!

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