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The Must-Have Summer Accessory: A Statement Necklace!

TREND ALERT! If you are a chick that loves to be on the up-and-up on what is going on in the fashion world, then you probably know that right now it is all about the ACCESSORIES! Heels, flats, bags, and sunglasses are old news for this season, though. Summer is all about the STATEMENT NECKLACE! Young, old, classic, or trendy – no matter what your age or style is, the beauty of this trend is that you can make it work for you in your own way! No need to fit in the mold of some model or celebrity (although don’t we all try?) these are great items that you can work in and out at your own comfort level. Check out some of our favorite celebrities in statement necklaces below so you can see how to work this trend right! Shopping Tip: We have been seeing some great chunky necklaces for under $25 at Sideline Sweetie online!


Fabulous DIY Nail Art!

We found this amazing post on the beauty department’s website and just HAD to share. I’m lovinglovingloving all of the new nail art that’s out these days. There are a ton of places to buy actual stickers and stick ons, but at about $12 a pop, it’s hard to justify when we’re also obsessing over new summer clothes :) Stick on nail designs are a fun way to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit, show your personality through your nail art, or to just add a wacky matching patterned design! With this do-it-yourself stick on nail tutorial, the beauty department suggests that we have the following items:

MUST HAVES: scotch tape, a few varieties of nail color, and scissors and or an exact-o knife!

First, paint a few of your favorite colors onto a piece of scotch tape in strips. Next, take your exact-o knife and cut them into fun shapes! Our personal favorites are a line design – Super popular for Spring! Once they’re cut out, place them on top of a base coat of color and cover it up with a top coat!

Simple as that :)

The Lipstick Guide!

Hola ladies!  We knows it’s tough to find the right shade of lipstick. It’s a huge trend in the Fashionista world these days and we think it’s fabulous! The right shade can compliment skin tones, be used as an accessory or jazz up a casual outfit!

Top 3 tips when trying to choose a lipstick:

01. The most flattering color will be one to two shades darker than your natural lipshade, according to popular make-up stylist, Bobbi Brown.

02. If you’re a drugstore make-up kinda gal, grab a few shades that you like and head over to the part of the store with the most natural lighting. It’s best to look at shades in natural lighting to see what the true color is! Lighting is oh so tricky.

03. Hate the color you just bought? DON’T throw it away! A fun way to reuse lip color you just don’t like is to combine a bit of the lipstick, some vaseline, and if you want… even add an essential oil like grapeseed or vitamin E for moisture. Combine the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl, pop it in, heat for about 10 seconds just to soften and mix well! Buy a small container (or use a leftover candy tin if you’re going green!) Make sure you get just the right tint! Place the mixture in tins for a super cute DIY tinted lip balm! Made too much? Give it away in cute containers as an affordable gift!


Check out this fabulous color guide we found. These are some great references if you’re just not sure what shade is appropriate for your upcoming event. Hope this helps – and don’t forget… ALWAYS, always, always have fun with your style <3




Classic Prom Up-Do Styles!

Havent decided on the perfect hair style yet? No worries! We’ve compiled a bunch of modern up do’s for you to check out. Lately we’ve been hearing that lots of girls are going for a more laid back Prom style – Lots of flowy, simple dresses. These dresses look great with beach waves down or up!  The styles we’re posting about include braided up-dos, side ponytails, ponytails with bangs and accessories! All of the styles below are not only great for Prom, but for weddings, galas, bridesmaids, or any other formal event where you want to look stylish and classic!

Wear a flapper inspired headband with feathers and pearls to make a classic, yet bold statement! Use a colorful flower in a braided side pony to add a little color to your look. We love using dry shampoo before doing an up-do to get a nice texture – gives it the beachy boho look that we’re going for!

A few make-up trends that we love with a classic side pony are red lips! Anyone can pull it off and it looks fabulous on everyone as long as you find the right shade! We also love a nice, classic Audrey Hepburn inspired cat eye!


Cruising for a Good Time with La Femme!

This blog is dedicated to all of you who are going on a cruise and need a last minute formal dress!!
Here are our Cruise Gown picks from La Femme!!
La Femme 15378: This dress is absolutely stunning and perfect for warm nights.  Constructed of soft, light weight chiffon, La Femme 15378 flows like the ocean!  The wave-like purple pattern on this dress is a head-to-toe show stopper!  This strapless beauty is ready to be worn on board!
La Femme 15364: This tropical floral dress is perfect for your tropical destination on your cruise!  La Femme 15364 is made of super light weight printed chiffon and features a front beaded V strap for extrap support.  Comfortable and bright, this dress is guaranteed to brighten up your night!

La Femme 15087: If you are a girl who loves to dance and have a great time, this dress is PERFECT for your cruise!  La Femme 15087 features an amazing high-low hem line, with all the frills you can handle!  This strapless empire waisted beauty is light weight and perfect for a night full of dancing and fun!

All Things Feminine By Jovani!!

What are little girls made from?  SUGAR AND SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE!! We have to admit, it sure is fun to be super girly… And Jovani has the perfect dresses to add that perfect feminine touch to your upcoming event!  Be it homecoming, prom, a birthday party, or just because, we have picked out 5 great elements that all girly girls need in their wardrobe!
1. LACE!
Jovani 1551549: Always stunning and always elegant, lace is sure to add a soft and classic look. 
Jovani 158529: Not only are sequins uber feminine, they are just plain fun!  Spice up your night with a fully sequined dress and you are bound to have a great time!!
3. BOWS!
Jovani B175: What true girly girl doesn’t just LOVE bows?  Always stylish and always unique, bows add a great, finished look!
Jovani 10740: Give us tulle!  Give us layers!  Give us frou-frou!  Frills are great for a girly innocent look, they remind us of ballet lessons when we were younger and remain close to our hearts!!
Jovani 1851: Fun, girly and cute, 3D flowers and rosettes are one of the best ways to finish off a dress with a great feminine look!
Shop online 24/7 at!

Hello Homecoming! Jovani 71371

Our daily obsession, brought to you by Boutique & Formals!!
We are absolutely LOVING Jovani 71371 for your Homecoming this fall!!  Just look at this dress, it’s edgy, flirty, fun, and fabulous!!!!!
What is it about this dress that is so fabulous?!  Is it the loud, over-the-top sequins?  Maybe it’s the corset style boning in the bodice that screams Madonna?  Perhaps it’s the ballerina-esque frill of the tulle skirt!  Whatever the appeal of this dress is, we know we LOVE it!!  And not only can you get this amazing dress in all black, but it is also available in Black/White and Emerald as well!  And here is the best news about this dress: The curvature of the visible boning in the bodice is incredibly slimming, while the sweetheart neckline is perfect on girls of all bust sizes!  There is no way to go wrong in Jovani 71371!!  Be sure to order yours today and beat the rush!  Shop online 24/7 at

Party Perfection! Evenings by Allure A373!!

You’re looking for an answer to the ultimate question….. WHAT WILL I WEAR TO MY PARTY?!?!  Well we have got the answer!!  Evenings by Allure A373!  It is perfect for every occasion!!
This mini dress is great for any occasion that you would need a cocktail dress!  Strapless and wrapped with blue and black taffeta, this dress is the BEE’S KNEES!  Allure A373 is super fitted in the from top to bottom to give you the most kickin’ curves…. not to mention the pattern will slim you….. does it get any better than this dress???  This dress is not only available in blue and black, but also in all over turquoise!  Look absolutely fabulous at your next party in this goreous dress!!!

The Sassiest Little Dress Around!!! Evenings by Allure A357!

Ay-Yi-Yi!  This dress blog is dedicated to all of you sassy little mamacitas out there!  Here at Genealogy we think it is so important to be an individual and to express yourself- and we’ve found a fabulous dress to do it in!!
This dress is HOT HOT HOT!!!  Evenings by Allure A357 is the perfect dress if you are looking for great cocktail wear to show off your personality and your rockin body!!!  This dress will show your serious side….. your seriously awesome and fun side that is!!!  Rock out at your next occasion in this little number, this dress would be great for a cocktail party, birthday party, homecoming, a GNO, a holiday party….. the list goes on and on!  Whatever the occasion, you know that you will look sassy and amazing!
Evenings by Allure A357 features an ombre Red to Black effect, but is also available in a Navy to Royal too.  This dress is strapless with a subtle semi sweetheart neckline, perfect for girls who want to draw attention to their face!  This dress is fitted to the waist and hips, great for showing off those curves!  The mini skirt hem is perfect for a girl with great legs who is ready to show them to the world!!  Shop online 24 hours at !